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The town where i was born

In the halls of the museum you will be touched and fascinated for ever by the wealth and magic of the colours of the mountain, by the skill of Rhodopean craftsmen, by the love they had put into the skillfully made decorating, textile, everyday objects made of wood, copper, iron etc. The enchanting ringing of the 100 bells, fascinate everybody with their unique sounding. Any visitor of the museum has the rare chance to expertise an exciting meeting with one of the typical ancient traditions in the mountain - the Koukeri

. The cultural traditions are continued in large-scale events such as the folklore festivals on the Mount Rozhen ,the children’s Orpheus festivals by the Smolyan lakes and the Rhodopa national art exhibition.

Having visited the Rhodope Mountains you will never forget the local population, their hospitality and lovely dishes, which they are ready to prepare especially for you.
Preparing some of them is a real ritual, which you may join if you wish. The "cheverme", for example, is a show that should not be missed.
The Rhodopes are the Mecca of potatoes and you can find them prepared in various ways here.
The "klynn" Rhodope pie is unusual because of its ingredients used by the Rhodope women. Have you ever tasted "banitza" prepared from rice, milk, butter or leaves of spinach or dock in spring time? If the answer is no, then here you can try it here!
If you are willing to sense the real spirit of the Rhodope people, visit the Rhozhen Fair. It usually takes place every second year at the last weekend of August. You are sure to get dazzled with songs, dances and music, with the colour of the marvellous lovely national costumes.

But most of all Smolyan is attractive with its incredible nature.

For thousands of years people here have been living in harmony with nature, preserving in the mountains recesses wild and untouched corners of beauty combined with an unbelievable variety of plants and wildlife and caves.

If you want to have a great time you should visit my home town. I hope that you will feel the magic of the Rhodopi mountain!

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