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Pets should be threated as family members.Do you agree with this statement?

Pets should be trested as family members.

Agree or disagree.Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Today more and more people get different pets at their homes.There are great variety of reptiles,mammals,amphibians and even wild and exotic animals that you can take in your house.There are no meaning what pet you will take,whatever it will be it will become a part of your family,that is why it should be treated like family member.There are several reasons about that.

First,the pet can protect you and prevent possible injuries.At first when you get a pet at home,a puppy for example,you start to teach it in different things.Gradually the joey starts to recogniz.e its owners,its home and when the cub grows up it protect them.Many people buy dogs in order to guard their houses from thieves or to protect themselves .On the other hand dogs are used as leaders of blind people.Not only do the dog leader can manage them,but also can prevent them from crashes in different objects and eventual injuries.So the pets become a permanent part of men' daily routine,such as all family members.

Second,they can have a promiment meaning in our routine by playing the role as our child or spouse in life.Many people who have problems in having children decide to take a pet at home.Strange as it may seem,it is not impossible to see men who behave with their pets such like it is their kid.Not only do they talk with them,but also many dog species,like chihuahua,are dressed by their owners as humans.Other point of view is that the pets can be our spouse in life.Many lonely people,as most common are the old ones,take animals which will fulfill their loneliness in life.

Third,the pets can make us to educate ourselves as we take a responsibility for them.Impossible as it can be,the tasks our parents assign to us in order to make us

more responsible have the same effect,as buy us a pet which only we will be in charge of.The need to feed it,teach it,get it out,buy food for it makes us more sagacious and prudent.Starting carring not only for ourselves,looking after someone else,changes our attitude and behaviour.

In conclusion,the pets should be treated like family members because they,such as our parents,are always ready to protect us,can play an important role in our life as our children or as something educated.They such as all family members are significant for us,so that they should be considered as part of them.

Pets should be threated as family members.Do you agree with this statement? facebook image
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