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Elizabethan Theatre


A famous genre was the historical play, descriptions of English or European history. Shakespeare’s dramas of kings (e.g. Richard III, Henry V.) are also in this category as many plays by Christopher Marlowe, whose tragedies made him famous (The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus, The Jew of Malta). The audience liked especially revenge dramas after the paradigm of Seneca, to mention are Thomas Kyd’s Spanish Tragedy or John Webster’s Duchess of Malfi – bloody productions of different cruelties. Thomas Dekker (The Shoemaker\'s Holiday) is said to be ( just as Thomas Middleton A Chaste Maid in Cheapside) an example of city comedy, which deal satirically with life in the city.

List of playwrights:

William Alabaster, William Alley, Robert Armin, Thomas Ashton, Francis Beaumont, Samuel Brandon, George Chapman, Henry Chettle, Samuel Daniel, John Day, Thomas Dekker, Michael Drayton, Richard Edwardes, John Fletcher, John Ford, Abraham Fraunce, Ulpian Fulwell, Thomas Garter, George Gascoigne, Thomas Goffe, Arthur Golding, Robert Greene, Richard Hathwaye, William Haughton, Thomas Heywood, Thomas Hughes, Ben Jonson, Thomas Kyd, Thomas Legge, Thomas Lodge, Thomas Lupton, John Lyly, Christopher Marlowe, John Marston, Philip Massinger, Thomas Middleton, Anthony Munday, Thomas Nashe, Thomas Norton, George Peele, John Phillip, John Pickering, Henry Porter, Thomas Preston, William Rankins, Samuel Rowley, William Rowley, William Shakespeare, James Shirley, Philip Sidney, Wentworth Smith, John Webster.

List of playhouses

The Theatre

The Curtain

The Rose

The Swan

The Globe

The Fortune

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