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Do you take advice from other people?

Do you take advice from other people? Who would you take advice from? What is the last advice you took?

I usually don`t take advice from anybody. What is the advice, why do they give it to you? Is it because to make something better for you or for them… You have to think that way: If the person does not have anything to loose or win, you might listen to him, but in the other case – no way!

If it was up to me I would never take advice from other people, no matter if unknown people of friends, or even relatives. I like to decide for my own, and even if somebody gives me an advice I don`t even think of it. I just hear it, shake my head for agreement and again do what I think I should do…

Once I have been given an advice from my parents, not only once but once I listened to it. I had a really boring year in my school when I was 8th grade, that was because there was only English lessons and I knew enough of English for that time and I used to sleep in the en-US" style= "margin-bottom: 0in; text-align: justify">

After having the rights to be responsible for your my actions I have never taken an advice from anyone, and I won`t be taking. I hope that I`ll be able to think of an “out” of every single problem that I have and I won`t be needing any advices or help.

Iliyan Tonev


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