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Course project in pragmatics


When I claim something for something, which was, is, and will be, i.e. when I present my point of view, then I use statements. All expressions are based on statements. The main bearer of the statement is the sentence. Sometimes a statement and a sentence may be one and the same thing – It is raining outside.

Pragmatics is the branch of linguistics, which deals with these terms. The central problem for pragmatics is that sentence meaning vastly underdetermines speaker’s meaning. The goal of pragmatics is to explain how the gap between sentence meaning and speaker’s meaning is bridged. The interpretation process does not simply consist in applying general mind-reading abilities to a particular (communicative) domain. Rather, it involves a dedicated comprehension module, with its own special principles and mechanisms.

Pragmatics studies how people comprehend and produce a communicative act or speech act in a concrete speech situation which is usually a conversation. It distinguishes two intents or meanings in each utterance or communicative act of verbal communication. One is the informative intent or the sentence meaning, and the other the communicative intent or speaker meaning. The ability to comprehend and produce a communicative act is referred to as pragmatic competence which often includes one's knowledge about the social distance, social status between the speakers involved, the cultural knowledge such as politeness, and the linguistic knowledge explicit and implicit.

The central problem for pragmatics is that the linguistic meaning recovered by decoding vastly underdetermines the speaker’s meaning. There may be ambiguities and referential ambivalences to resolve, ellipses to interpret, and other indeterminacies of explicit content to deal with. There may be implicatures to en-GB" style= " margin-bottom: 0in; text-align: justify">

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