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Are poor people poor or just lazy?

Are Poor People Poor Or Just Lazy?

“Poor people are not lazy, but lazy people are often poor”

“The problem with being poor, is that it takes up all of your time”

Many people believe that poor people are poor because they are lazy…some also believe the opposite, when you take a look back at different poor people and poverty situations, you can see a significant difference between the two and how it is wrong to label poor people with laziness straight away.
To define poor people as being poor or just lazy is a vague question with no definite answer, there are all different kinds of poor people who function in different ways. A person can be poor for many reasons, you can be born into a poor family in a poor economy, able to obtain a job when you are at a certain age to help provide for your family…although you have this job, the small amount of money you make (which could be enough only to provide yourself with essentials and not be able to purchase anything else) does not make the poor person lazy, in fact if anything at all it makes them work very hard to be able to live a life with such a little amount of money, money which they have worked for like any human being poor or otherwise. An example of a lazy poor person would be a beggar, a person who wanders the streets, making no efforts to get a job and relying on the general public to give them spare money, the people who give money to these people are only encouraging laziness amongst the poor…if people keep giving them money, they will keep asking for it but if everybody was to stop, the poor would have no alternative but to look for a different way to earn money. A large amount of human beings are lazy in general, this is both poor and rich people…the fact that they are lazy can have nothing to do with the amount of money you earn…look at a very rich man, an upper en-US" style= "margin-bottom: 0in; ">

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