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An Idle Brain is the Devil’s

An Idle Brain is the Devil's

Have you ever experienced it? You must have had that feeling, when you don't want to do something important, samoething meaningful or complate an engagement in time just because you want to rest. It's the feeling when your lazy side kicks in, in other words - leaving your brain en-US" style="margin-bottom: 0in">An s - that is totally true and i agree with it a hundred percent. It is a sort of an universal truth - you won't get anywhere in life by just doing nothing.

Greatness is achieved trough hard work and percevierence, not by being lazy and doing nothing. Only few are born with talent. Take Bethoven for example. Unlike Mozart, he was no genius, but he wanted to reach his level, so he practiced fanatically day and night for most of his life. Finally he bacame as great, if not greater than Mozart. What would he have accopmlished if he had just said that it was too hard for him and went moaping around? He wouldn't have made such a great contribution to our culture.

An s, it's the path to stupidity. When you reach that point of lazyness, when you depend on others for everything your existence becomes sahllow and obsolite and stupidity takes over. I heard a story recently, that astonished me. It was about a mand, who was so lazy, that when his wife broke her leg and was hospitalised he sat in his armcharis for five days and died of dehydration. He was too lazy to go and get some water and too stupid to imagine the consequences of this. It's a pathetic way to end one's life, really.

If you're too lazy, you become unreliable, eventually lose friends and people start hating you. Imagine that you make a promise with someone and don't live up to it. He /she will forgive you once or twice, but you will lose his/her trust. Taking responsibilities and not being serious about it will eventuallt turn into a viscious circle with no escape whatsoever. People won't trust you to get them a glass of water, not to mention doing them a favour. Your life, once again becomes pointless.

An s - I hope noone ever forgets that. It should serve as a reminder that only hard wok and dilligence can make you a better person and get you somewhere in life.

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